So, you’ve created your Moodle course and your students are using it. Ever wondered how many of them actually do? Using the reports pages in the admin area of your course you can find lots of information about this. Head to the course you are interested in and click the ‘Reports’ link from the administration menu. From here we can do a few things, working down the links you can see in order:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS


Not the most useful for analysing in a general way, but the course logs provide you with a detailed view of everything that has happened. You select the options you are interested in and click go, a list of every action that applies comes back. This is at it’s most useful if you are looking for data on one student, or one particular activity.

Live Logs

Want to know what is going on right now? Live logs is the link you want. This updates live with what your users are doing at the time you are viewing. Useful to keep an eye on what is happening if you are running a specific activity with a group at a specific time.

Activity Report

The activity report lists all of the items in your course along with the hit counts for them. A nice overview.

Participation Report

This helps you look at student use of activities on Moodle. You could run the participation report on a forum for example to look at which students had viewed and which had posted.


Providing your administrator has enabled this option it is one of the best ways to quickly analyse your course. Pick the course, type of activity and user, and a time period. The system generates you a graph to show access to that course over the time period, and a more detailed table with numerical values for each day.

You can run these reports for any course on your Moodle installation, or if you are a site admin you can do the same thing for the whole site. At a later date I’ll post about using Google Analytics with Moodle as this is another tool to generate some detailed information about your site.

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  1. Hi Tim–
    We are struggling with Blackboard now to find out how many faculty are using the different tools available in the LMS– who uses the virtual classroom, the chat function, the adaptive release, and so on. Is it possible to get this kind of information from Moodle? Blackboard just doesn’t do it.
    (BTW you have a new follower 🙂 )


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