The module description page on for this little add-on refers to the Moodle ‘scroll of death’, sounds familiar to me… Have you got a course that you’re finding is getting a little bit long? Takes students ages to scroll down the page to find the section they are after?

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

It is possible to collapse sections of a Moodle course to only display one topic and use the little jump to menu to move between them. It’s those little square buttons on the right of every topic. But I do find this isn’t the most obvious thing, and very rarely do I see it being used.

The collapsed topics format is an alternative solution to this problem. On selecting this format for your course each topic is shown closed on the page with just the title label showing. Clicking this toggles each section open and closed, and it remembers the position a user left them in all the time they are in the same browser session.

Nice neat way to make your page appear much shorter (and easier to follow) for the users. Good stuff. Download it from here.

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