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William Cunningham, who runs an extremely elaborate and developed Moodle with his third grade students, gave me the pleasure of an interview via email.  This “Moodle in Real-life” story will be told in several parts, the 3nd is below.  All posts refer to William’s Moodle install at this link:

William is a third grade certified eMINTS Teacher located in Hallsville, Mo.


Part 4 – Student reactions and tips for teachers

What’s last to learn from William?  Well first, let’s find out what his students feel about his site.

MoodleMonthly:  How do your students like Moodle?

William:  “I asked a couple of students to write what they thought. (un-edited)”

I like Mr. C’s website because it is appropriate for all of the children. I also like the way that he designed it: with the icons that move with the pandas that move with them. It is VERY cool. I like the way that as you go down it has categories in bold print and then has the other things under them. And it is cool that we are not allowed to use the Google on the Internet, so Mr. C made a Google on his website that we are allowed to use. Another thing that is close to that is I like the Wikipedia on his Website because I use it a LOT. I think it is cool how he put Notice Board on it too. That is when you want to save something on his website you can go to Notice Board and you can save it there. It is also awesome that when it is a holiday Mr. C decorates the website, and I just think it’s cool.

Here’s another,

I like Mr.C’s website because everybody gets a person on the website and he has morning work on it it’s called writing prompts, and writing prompts is a journal activity, and at the top he has these pandas and there saying something but it’s like for school stuff that the pandas are saying like how you pick you lunch choice, and there’s this game up there called whammy it’s a multiplication game, and our classroom jobs you get a different job every day, and he has this Google and Wikipedia search so we can search for stuff for writing, and he has how do you feel like you pick the face you feel like today like confused, happy, sad, hungry, tired, sick, angry, he has this thing called the notice board you click on where it says notice board it takes you to the notice, then you can post stuff and other people can see what you have said and it tells you when you put it and you paste pictures and say this is my favorite picture it’s pretty cool, and then there is another way you can say stuff to people he made this emailing thing now you can send everybody in the class the same thing at one time just type in one person’s name then there name shows up click on it.

MM: Awesome.  So in closing, what advice would you give new teachers starting out with Moodle?


Dig in! It looks daunting but just play around.

Do not limit your Moodle to a list of links. I see that too often. The Moodle Forums are amazing for solving any problems you may have.  Seek out other Moodle installs and see what they have done.  The label resource can be used for anything, just need an Iframe.  If you need help just ask, most people are willing to help.  Learn the Database module, it can become your best friend.

MM:  And if you’re looking for Moodle help?

William:, there isn’t a better place. The people on the forums are very helpful and your question has probably already been asked.

I can’t thank William Cunningham enough for answering these questions and for providing such a great Moodle (to us and to his students.  Visit it at: and contact him through Twitter (

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