Moodle in Real-life (part 1 – The Start) @west4me


William Cunningham, who runs an extremely elaborate and developed Moodle with his third grade students, gave me the pleasure of an interview via email.  This “Moodle in Real-life” story will be told in several parts, the 1st is below.  All posts refer to William’s Moodle install at this link:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

William is a third grade certified eMINTS Teacher located in Hallsville, Mo.


Part 1: The Start

MoodleMonthly:  So William, how did you get started using tech in the classroom?


I began developing web pages for my class and I was writing them by hand in a simple text editor. I quickly realized that all I was doing was creating lists of links to other peoples sites. I wanted a way to interact with my students and a way to quickly deploy changes.

MoodleMonthly:  When did you begin using Moodle?

I started looking and learned about content management systems, which led me to Moodle. It was perfect, I could create interaction between my students and I. It also allowed me to quickly make changes without the need to edit html and then FTP to the server. I was sold.

This is just the first part of an email interview series which will be released this week.  Tune in for another installment tomorrow.


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