Martin Dougiamas announced last week [] that Moodle HQ will be migrating from CVS to Git as their main code sharing and management tool.  According to Martin, several benefits will follow on the heels of this move:

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  • A more accurate portrayal of overall progress in the Moodle Tracker
  • Minor releases (e.g. 2.0.x) happening regularly.
  • Major releases happening every 6 months (starting June 2012).

He goes on to say that “for end users of Moodle, nothing changes”, however this news is excellent for ALL users.

More frequent minor and major releases means that problems and bugs will be found and removed much faster.  In terms of identifying security vulnerabilities and fixing them this is great news (as it’s possible they’ll be found and removed on a much faster schedule).  Once the dust has settled from the move we’ll take a peek at the new system for posting and “voting up” bugs and tracker issues.  In the meantime you can check out the new look of the tracker at (now powered by Jira).

To read more about the changes to the development process:

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