Moodle Graded Reader Quiz Module (Reading Comprehension Management)


Found this Youtube video (2008) on the site Moodle+ ( which has some helpful links to Moodle information (but also some suspect, seemingly unfiltered bot postings, e.g. this one).  Nevertheless, I’m keen on any site that alerts me to something I’ve never seen in Moodle before.  The video was created by Tom Robb, PhD of Kyoto Sangyo University and showcases the Moodle Graded Reader Quiz module which has a companion site at

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The Moodle Graded Reader Quiz module is not just a mouthful to say, it’s a pretty slick add-on that allows you to track reading comprehension based on quiz pools/categories.  As students move through and successfully complete each quiz, they’re provided with a thumbnail of the book cover, accumulating as a visual reminder of their successful reading habits (nice positive reinforcement).

This is not even to mention that the quizzes are already created and ready to use!  According to the site, teachers are welcome to use the module on their own server installations or to join the crew at to use it there (for free): details.  Though the video is 18 months old, there are very recent updates to the module and the site so you need not worry about an inactive community of users/support.

According to the site the Moodle Reader Module,

is a module that provides quizzes on over 600 graded readers and books for young readers, so that teachers can have a simple way to assess their students’ work. All quizzes are randomized with a time-limit for their completion which allows students to take the quizzes open-book, even at home, while minimizing the possibility of cheating. Note that there is no reading material for students here apart from the quizzes themselves.

Not sure how I missed this until now, but it definitely looks like a cool, collaborative reading comprehension tool for schools to use with the Moodle LMS.


Here’s the video [8 minutes/direct link]

Any users out there want to comment on their experiences?


  1. Thank you for the enthusiastic review of MoodleReader. Just to update the facts slightly, we now have over 1500 quizzes available for use. The software can be used on the site, or those with their own Moodle installation can install it and then (with permission) download quizzes to match the available books. The 2.0 version is slated to be available in September 2011.


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