is hosting another M4T course this coming March 1st.  This session will run from 3/1/10 to 3/31/10.

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M4T is a collaboratively taught Moodle training course for Moodle beginners.  Each week covers Moodle and online pedagogy equally and culminates with weekly live sessions hosted on

The next Moodle for Teachers (M4T) workshop is scheduled to begin on March 2, 2010. The key is teachingly4. The aim of M4T-4 online workshop is to help you design and facilitate Moodle courses. M4T-4 requires participants to be active at least 5 hours a week on theoretical and practical aspects of online instruction and learning. Most of the workshop will conducted via teamwork in Moodle sandboxes. Please access the Moodle for Teachers (M4T) workshop. M4T-4 will include asynchronous (via the Moodle) (via WiZiQ) components. For a start, go into your profile and add as much information as you can. Please include your time zone. Next, introduce yourself and add comments to others’ posts in the intro discussion thread. Remember, the workshop is about trying things out and making mistakes; so have fun!!!

As a participant, you will become familiar navigating and accessing the Moodle environment.  Additionally, all participants will select a team to work on a cumulative project/deliverable in the form of a shared and fully constructed Moodle site.  From personal experience I was able to find a team to create a Professional Development course which highlights and covers several contemporary technology tools for teachers (all hosted within a Moodle classroom).  It has been quite an enjoyable experience.

To sign up for the session beginning March 1st please visit:

The password to enroll is teachingly4.  For more information please contact [email protected].

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