At the Moot in Austin we covered a great presentation about the feasibility study conducted by North Carolina Community College’s Open Source Collaborative [link to MN coverage] and now we’ve found a collaborative opportunity to tackle the question of feasibility of Moodle in schools and organizations.

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It’s a short survey, but from it we hope that Moodle administrators will help us to answer the important evaluative questions like:

  • How much does Moodle cost per student?
  • what are the hardware costs for Moodle?
  • how many staff members should we have ready to support/administrate Moodle?

MoodleNews is conducting this survey in collaboration with Michael Fisher a graduate student at the Oregon Institute of Technology. All results will be shared publicly once the survey has ended on 8/31 (two weeks).

If you could send the survey link onto any Moodle administrators you know, please do!  Here’s the link:

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  1. Where are the privacy guarantees that any source data will be restricted to ONLY that student and not passed onto 3rd parties, such as service providers or competitors of businesses?

    This information requested is highly commercial in nature and if any service provider has visibility on results, it should be very clearly stamped over both this page and the survey itself that it is not an independent survey.

  2. Gavin, I did add a clarification to the survey:

    “Survey responses will be made available to the public through once the live survey has ended (after 8/31). Survey results will not be sold or otherwise distributed to 3rd parties privately. All names and email addresses submitted (last question) will be deleted before any information is shared publicly.

    As this survey will be shared, be mindful of specific data that should not be shared (e.g. as per NDAs with hosting providers). We’re seeking generic information from which we can derive and actual cost of Moodle, not business plan information or lowest cost Moodle Partners. If in doubt that a piece of information should not be share please use your discretion.”

    My main goal with this survey is to answer that one nagging question about Moodle: How much does it really cost?


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