Moodle Feasibility Study Survey


At the Moot in Austin we covered a great presentation about the feasibility study conducted by North Carolina Community College’s Open Source Collaborative [link to MN coverage] and now we’ve found a collaborative opportunity to tackle the question of feasibility of Moodle in schools and organizations.

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It’s a short survey, but from it we hope that Moodle administrators will help us to answer the important evaluative questions like:

  • How much does Moodle cost per student?
  • what are the hardware costs for Moodle?
  • how many staff members should we have ready to support/administrate Moodle?

MoodleNews is conducting this survey in collaboration with Michael Fisher a graduate student at the Oregon Institute of Technology. All results will be shared publicly once the survey has ended on 8/31 (two weeks).

If you could send the survey link onto any Moodle administrators you know, please do!  Here’s the link: