Moodle catches a Wave #moodlewish


There’s an interesting discussion at concerning the implementation of Google Wave into Moodle.  Matt Bury, creator of the New Media Player plugin, envisions an implementation that would enable group Waves, Wave management, grade book entries, Wave initialization and much more.  Read the whole description of what seems to be an excellent use of the available web app and the overall benefits of utilizing Wave to replace or supplement some of the core Moodle activities (wiki, glossary, chat, etc.), click here for the discussion.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Though not a full implementation along the lines that Matt proposed, Scott Wilson and his colleagues have implemented Wave Gadgets into Moodle creating some pretty slick games and activities embedded into Moodle (which save and remain across user access).  Here’s a post by Scott that highlights the complete integration [link].

There’s even a demo site where you can see the Wave Gadgets and play with them after registration (over 200 people have tested it out already):  On that site you can see some Gadgets like Sudoku, Scrabble, a choice-like gadget, and more (image below).

And don’t forget to chime in at if you think the Moodle-Wave integration would be a good one.


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