Did you know that Moodle2.0 Dev (the latest version of Moodle) is available for download from Moodle.org?  (Scroll to the bottom of http://download.moodle.org/.)  You can download it here:

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Moodle2.0 is widely anticipated for the core changes to how Moodle operates and the new improved functionality of many of it’s modules.  2.o will be release this Spring (all signs and blog murmurs point to February 2010).

New/improved features include:

  • a revamped workshop module
  • conditional activities
  • new theme configuration (and new available themes)
  • portfolio system API
  • changed wiki
  • and much more: http://docs.moodle.org/en/Roadmap

The release of Moodle 2.o is a major step towards a more advanced Moodle community system as well, with more and easier ways to link your Moodle to course/content repositories (and to other Moodle sites).

Note that the latest build for 2.0 is unstable, download, install and use at your own risk.  It is not recommended for use as a production/live site.

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