Moodle HQ is still listing April 2010 for the release of Moodle 2.0 Beta (, so this will be a very big month for the community.  In preparation for it, the number of videos and comments on the new version is growing a bit.

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Mary Cooch (aka the Moodlefairy) created a great 8 minute video as a primer to the new features of Moodle 2.0.  There are really great features coming out in the new Moodle (not to mention some not so apparent features available as the file structure redesign).

Here’s a preview of the information covered in the video:

  • New block dock/navigation dock feature
  • Tiny MCE (covered previously on MoodleMonthly)
  • Easy media integration
  • Simplified resources
  • Uploading files now includes author and attribution (for easier copyright control)
  • Export uploaded files from Moodle to services like Google Docs
  • Simplified Quiz interface
  • Improved block configuration options
  • Blogs can now be associated with classes
  • Conditional Actvities
  • Progress/Completion options

Check out the video at this link (, or embedded below:

Check out the MoodleFairy’s original post at this URL:

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