Juan Leyva Delgado’s Mooconsole administration tool is now available for download in Alpha for Windows, Mac and Linux.  It’s not a stable release, but you can download it and try it out to get a handle on the functionality.  If you try it out, let us know what you think.

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According to the documentation page:

The first time you open MooConsole a password is required. MooConsole stores information about your Moodle installations like your username and password, for security reasons a Master Password is used to encrypt and decrypt this information…

What can you do with this application?

– Select one or more sites in the left control and login it (a webbrowser with a tab for each site will be open)

– Uses webservices in one or more sites at the same time (i.e, create multiple users in two or more Moodle sites) You need an API key

– Upload multiple files to a Moodle 2 site (At this point, only uploading of single files is working, the implementation of full directory structure upload is priority number one)

– Quick search in Moodle Docs (ctrl +F) or (cmd + F in Mac)

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