UPDATED: We apologize for the misinformation in the original post.  Juan has clarified that this is not and offline admin tool for Moodle.  It is however a powerful, quick reference and FTP like console for managing Moodle sites and courses.

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Juan Leyva Delgado commented at Moodlenews recently to let us know about Mooconsole, a offline desktop Moodle administration tool that he’s developing as an open source solution for managing multiple sites.  From the website (http://sites.google.com/site/mooconsole/home) it looks like it might be a handy tool for managing more than one Moodle, uploading large files and keeping tabs on your Moodle environment (including grabbing quick daily stats about your site; see image).

Here are a few bullets that Juan says will be possible when the desktop app is released,

  • Quick login to your Moodle/s site/s (Moodle 1.8,1.9,2)
  • Strong encryption (Triple DES) for your Moodle sites database (Moodle 1.8,1.9,2)
  • Webservice client (Only for Moodle 2)
  • Multiple files uploaderm, like FTP client (Only for Moodle 2)
  • Moodle site statistics gatherer (Moodle 1.8,1.9,2)
  • Moodle Monitor with alarms on site failure (Moodle 1.8,1.9,2)
  • Quick links (Moodle Docs, Tracker, XRef)

The app is not released yet (but we hope that Juan will keep us posted on when it is so we can try it out in full and update everyone here through Moodlenews).  Offline Moodle is a long awaited wish, perhaps this is a step closer to allowing students to manage resources and engage content (even if they are offline). Details are still coming our from Juan, but he’s open to ideas for development and as an open source project this could take a life of it’s own.  Here’s to hoping community resources and new open source initiatives.

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  1. Hi Joseph,

    let me clarify some things:

    – Mooconsole is not an offline application. It is an application for administrators/teachers, suitable for uploading files or using webservices

    – Anyway, that’s a good point (the idea for and offline application), at this moment I’m waiting for feedback so any comment is welcome

    You can see more screenshots in:

    As you can see the application is multiplatform (windows,linux,macos), I’m fixing several bugs, problems and security issues, I hope deliver a first version this next Monday for windows


  2. Juan, my apologies. After visiting mooconsole again I realized that I messed up. No where do you mention offline (I suppose that when I read “desktop” I thought “offline”). I’ve updated the post and redacted the misinformation.

    Now…if there is a possibility to have an offline aspect, where I might be able to edit courses w/o connecting to the internet and then “sync” later that would be a HUGE, AMAZING, AWESOME tool. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to testing out Mooconsole in the near future.



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