This was posted to the forums today, regarding Mobile Moodle for iphone,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Soon, we will share it here [at]. Those are not mock-ups.  This is a real Moodle.

The following pictures/screenshots were posted by Carlos Kiyan at this discussion

A view of Available courses –

A view of course activities –

Course forum interaction –

Replying to forums –

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  1. Wow… I can not wait! Those screenshots look very slick. So many opportunities. Student response systems..No more issues with checking out ‘computer lab’ time.. I feel an increase of checking out ipod touch carts/sets in districts.

  2. Agreed, this is probably the most exciting development since 2.0 was unveiled (in my humble opinion).

    Can’t wait for it to be ready to test with existing sites.

  3. hi all, for those wondering why the screenshots are in Spanish: the screenshots made available are in fact screenshots from a wonderful collaboration between the Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt (IMTAvH) in Lima and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp. We were working on it with a Peruvian/Belgian team. I posted the team effort and project here:

  4. So what about all the other phones “on the planet”? It’s getting a bit distracting to see that many applications seem only to be developed for iPhone, when it has such a minority share of the global market …

  5. According to the developers using the wptouch app this should be easily transmutable to the other major platforms:

    “iPhone, Ipod touch, android or BlackBerry Storm”

    Agreed that there are many other phones that won’t benefit from this, but we have to start somewhere to make Moodle Mobile. Hopefully this has a great snowball effect on development projects.

  6. @Ignatia, thanks so much for the info and the link. It’s a great project (and as you can tell there are few of us who can wait to play with it).

    Best of luck! Let me know when it’s released.

  7. Yes, this app looks very promising. However, it appears that a very important feature (link) is missing–the gradebook. Maybe it’s there and I just could not find it.

    Also, it would be very powerful for students to be able to attach mp3 files and other files to forums. Thanks for the great work.


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