Today the Talis Education Incubator announced it’s winners for this 1st round of funding.  I am proud and extremely honored to have my open education project selected as a recipient (with my partner Sean Behan/@bseanvt).

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From their announcement (

Talis has announced the winners of its Talis Incubator fund set up in September last year to further the cause of Open Education through the use of technology. Interestingly, it was the small-scale nature of the funding – £1,000-£15,000 being awarded to each successful bidder – that seemed to prove most attractive to the learning technology community. Funding channels are already awarded elsewhere for larger projects, but these smaller allocations seemed to meet a need at grassroots practitioner level. The Talis Incubator has been able to attract an impressive group of individuals who together form the Talis Incubator Review Board. All six board members share a commitment to open practices within education, facilitated by technology, and see the Talis Incubator as an important way of helping get the best innovative ideas off the ground.

Here’s a bit about our project again,

Moodle Course Repository – Joseph Thibault and his team plan to build a repository of every course ever created on Moodle, as most of the valuable content is currently locked up behind individual installations. The Moodle Course Repository would make it easier to share resources, activities or even entire courses, without compromising the security of users’ personal data. Steve Ryan echoed many thoughts on the Review Board when he remarked that “if it achieves only a small part of what it sets out to do, it will be worth funding”. Joseph said it was an honour to have the chance to advance Moodle and open educational resources worldwide through the Talis Incubator, and his team was “really excited to be giving users an easier way to share their content and find new course templates, resources and Creative Commons licensed materials”. He added that “Teachers everywhere will be enabled to share. Students everywhere stand to reap the benefits.”

I’ll be writing more about it once I catch my breath.  In the meantime, let me know if you’re interested in being part of our beta community once the plug-in is ready.

It’s all about content liberation!

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