Note: we have no affiliation with Mass Media, makers of mPage of mBook for iOS at this time.  mBook is not a free app, it costs $3.99 in the iTunes app store.

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James Chan, a developer at Mass Media alerted us recently that mBook 1.1 has been released into the app store [], which doubles as a support and development site].  mBook provides a fully immersive Moodle experience for the iPad [iTunes store link].  According to the store page, the app provides a fresh approach to displaying Moodle on an iPad and supports the most Moodle activities and resources compared to any app for iOS in the iTunes app store.

mBook supports multiple languages (currently 5), has been tested with all of the standard Moodle activities (omitting flash based resources such as found in some SCORM packages presumably) and certainly looks promising.  From the Apple landing page:

mBook supports at Course level course listing, course teachers and course costs, enrollment key to courses, topic descriptions, “visible” sections and modules viewed by student users, “invisible” sections and resources viewed by teachers, editing course and personal events in calendar, Topic and Weekly course formats.

Blocks features: “Calendar” and “Upcoming events”,  “Section” block, “Inbox” block is a new block to collect all News from the user’s enrolled courses, “Activities” block at course level.

Users will find it convenient to access the above resources from this “Activities” tab on the course tab bar.

mBook has our own interface for most Moodle resources, which include: internal web pages, internal text pages, labels, directory display, playing back of MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps) audio files, playig back of .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats videos, external web pages, and all forums and site news.

mBook also opens documents in the following formats:
– .jpg, .png, .gif (images);
– .doc (Microsoft Word);
– .htm and .html (web pages);
– .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat);
– .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint);
– .xls (Microsoft Excel).

mBook does require a server side installation of some files, for more information visit for all details or  to download the web service Moodle files.

Check out the screenshots for a better look:

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  1. Luca, thanks for sharing the review and sharing that blog here. In terms of a true mobile experience; I guess that’s a subjective term. The app appears to work well fully unlocked and if other users have experience something different, I hope they share their experiences as well.

    If you look at either app, definitely check out the user reviews before you make a decision.

  2. App works well, I mean does not crash, but it does not offer iPad optimized view for module contents, although forums have mediocre native UI. I would prefer to use the free mobile Safari browser instead of paying 3.99 for mBook. If you just browse to Glossary module you would see what I mean. mBook displays what Safari displays nothing extra. Embedding an iOS Web View control and loading pages to this view does not mean fresh approach.

    I would just want to warn people, and wish mBook had lite edition.

  3. By the way on the AppStore the maker of mPage posted reviews with rating of 4 for his own product and mPage just has four total reviews. That is why reading reviews on the AppStore is misleading for mPage.

  4. I’ve been looking at this for our Moodle site. It requires some server side files but the coding is pretty poor. It is hard-coded for MySQL database, even the database prefix is hard-coded. Our installation uses Oracle and has a different prefix (not the standard mdl_) so it needs a bit of hacking to get it to work – which I have still not managed.

  5. Mike, I paid for the app and have tested it a bit. I’m not sold on it to be honest…there are some bugs, specifically it quitting out of the program when I tried to dig into a forum. I hope to have a lengthier review shortly but for the time being I cannot recommend the purchase.


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