Julien Ridden, one of the organizers of the upcoming iMoot announced today that the site has integrated the Facebook Connect authentication plug-in recently posted to Moodle.org and mentioned on MoodleMonthly.

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iMoot is the first ever web-based Moodle Moot.  It starts February 4th and runs through the 7th.  The cost is only 41 USD to attend all/any of the live sessions or to view them as they replay.  Presenters will be on hand at the subsequent playing of recordings to host additional Q&A periods.

Here are a few more notable presentations:

  • CustaMoodle – presented by Linda Screen: Customizing Moodle – how we decide what we want to change, our evaluation and implementation processes, including sending code up to core Moodle through the Moodle partner we work with;
  • 10 Useful things a Teacher can do with Roles – presented by Helen Foster: a practical introduction to roles and permissions in Moodle for teachers and administrators, including a look at how roles are used on Moodle.org.
  • Moodle Themes – presented by Julien Ridden: look at Moodle themes and what’s coming down the pike for Moodle2.0 theme changes

To register go to http://imoot.org and sign-in using your Facebook account.

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