Let’s Moodle (pretty slick tutorial) by @LisaMLane


Online at the Moodle-rrific event this weekend (hosted by the CUEBC Moodlers) I was able to check out a ton of new Moodle resources I’d never seen.  One is this really nifty “Let’s Moodle” tutorial put together for students entering a specific Moodle course by Lisa Lane (@lisamlane): http://lisahistory.net/moodletutweb/

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

I particularly like the clear audio over each of the slides.  Something like this would be a sure-fire way to successfully introduce your students to Moodle and might be easily created by using the Moodle Lesson activity and by linking to audio (if the mp3 filter is enabled it should automatically create a way for students to “play” the embedded audio).