@Lasic’s “Three keys” to a good Moodle course (from the comments)


I love a great conversation.  Tomaz Lasic (@lasic) shares his 2 cents (maybe 99 cents) on a Moodlenews post from earlier this summer, check it out and read the whole comment (excerpted below).

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‘what does a good Moodle course look like’?

It has at least one, best if all these three key things:
– great use of technology (range of Moodle tools, not just file upload and a forum …)
– great pedagogy (evidence of scaffolding, progress, feedback, participation, engagement … and yes, you may need student data for that, often impossible)
– great content (quality, not quantity – resources used are timely, credible, engaging, relevant …)

Also check out Tomaz’s Water course which is a great resource for seeing what interactions take place when a course is setup successfully in Moodle (Water: http://demo.moodle.net/course/view.php?id=621)


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