K12opened.com (Twittering under the handle @kfasimpaur) recently posted a really great time saving resource for creating Moodle glossary entries (http://twitter.com/kfasimpaur/status/9145932904).  The post highlights a tool located on k12opened.com where you can post a list of words (comma separated) and then with two clicks create an XML file that can be imported into a Moodle glossary (including the term, definition, and even the part of speech).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

All you need to start is a list of words (the program will find the definitions for you).  There are already a few sample glossaries already created, but the interface is very easy to use and if the word doesn’t match you can always edit the entries to easily insert your own definitions.  The resulting XML file imports easily into a Moodle glossary.

This is a link to the original posting on www.k12opened.com: http://www.k12opened.com/blog/archives/305

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