Jump on the Moodle Train – My LMS Debacle @mrdatahs @kristianstill


There are two great blog posts over at ZDnet.com about one Massachusetts-based Technology Director’s “debacle” in surveying, selecting and integrating a new learning management system in his district.  Chris Dawson recently has been working on weighing the pros and cons of the available learning management systems and is leaning toward Moodle (though is working through the various pit falls, compatibility and configuration issues that come hand in hand with maintaining and linking legacy systems.

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The articles are titled, respectively, My LMS debacle and Solving my LMS debacle (for now).

The articles do well to highlight the various pushing and pulling that affect the LMS adoption process.  There are various features, integration plug-ins and legacy systems which must be considered by any school when choosing new software.  Moodle’s community is a huge asset in terms of evaluating possible compatibility with all of the tools a school/district may already be familiar with.

From the ZDnet article by Chris Dawson:

Moodle isn’t going anywhere and it just keeps getting better from what I’ve seen in the online demos and at other schools; it will be waiting for me this summer and hopefully for teachers in the fall.

Here’s another handy resource for any Technology Directors that are thinking of “jumping on the Moodle train“, it was written by @Kristian Still and has a great account of his own Moodle selection process.

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