@ITforALL goes for an alternate Mobile Moodle app (Mobile Learning Engine)


There’s another mobile Moodle mod available and IT4ALL has it in place at their free professional development site (which runs the popular Moodle4Teachers program regularly).  The Mobile Learning Engine (MLE) is a plug-in for Moodle which is available through SourceForge: http://mle.sourceforge.net/ and is for 1.9.x versions of Moodle only.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

It’s a bit of a simpler approach and is not as flashy as the Moodle4iPhone web app that’s currently in testing, but it definitely gets the job done and could be a viable alternative to the Moodle4iPhone (especially since it’s currently available).

If you’re interested in seeing it in action checkout http://m.integrating-technology.com from any mobile with web access, or check out the official SourceForge page: http://mle.sourceforge.net/.  Tons of more screen shots are available at http://mle.sourceforge.net/mlemoodle/index.php?lang=en&page=screenshots.php.

There are some great tutorials for installation and the plug-in seems very sound/end user-friendly.  I was able to navigate through my profile and into courses using my Android-based phone.  Overall, a stable and acceptable Moodle goes mobile plug-in.



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