There are some interesting posts and developments coming from the Open University ( specifically concerning the use of mobiles ot access course materials and the OU site.  More at

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In a recent post Rhodri Thomas of the OU’s Learning Innovation Office outlined the vast number of students accessing their student home site via mobile,

last month StudentHome mobile hit a bit of a milestone with over 10,000 unique student visits via mobile devices (

The high traffic has given the impetus to make their website real estate more mobile friendly (which would include their Moodle site, which is one of the largest in the world).  This is great news for those following the growing number of mobile Moodle initiatives throughout the Moodle-sphere.  As a contributor of high quality modules, plugins and general improvements and fixes to the Moodle code base there’s perhaps no rival to the Open University (except for Moodle HQ).

While the blog doesn’t mention Moodle specifically, the screen shot does appear to provide a brief glimpse at the beta.  Could these be shots of their Moodle mobile modifications in action?


Stay tuned.

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