The upcoming iMoot schedule was announced today (1/19) and was released as a PDF.

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The schedule fleshes out the three iMoot tracks (Teachers, Developers and Enterprise) over the four days of the online conference (February 4th-7th).

Here are a few highlights from the schedule:

  • Moodle Blog and Moodler’s Social Network as Connective Powerful Tools – Maryel Mendiola (@MariaMoodle): Latin American Moodlers community is getting closer and growing on the Web.   A blog and a social network are powerful and necessary  tools for connected learning.
  • Workshop Module in Moodle 2.0David Mudrak: the Workship module is an advanced Moodle activity designed for peer-assessments within a structured review/feedback/grading framework.
  • WIRIS Maths Tools – Ramon Eixarch: WIRIS maths tools for Moodle offer a complete solution for mathematics and science education by integrating directly into the HTMLArea text editor.
  • and much, much more.

Register to attend the first ever iMoot today and don’t miss a session as they are all replayed later at a time/date that suits you (it’s only $42 USD/$45 AUS).

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