“How we implemented Moodle” Preview by @moodlerific


In the next few weeks I will be writing several short posts sharing my experience with implementing Moodle into a school district. I work in Osseo Area Schools, which is a 20,000+ student school district just outside of Minneapolis.

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Our Moodle implementation was funded and guided by a 2-year grant we were awarded. The grant stated: “This grant will provide training, installation, tech support, and equipment, to implement and sustain a Blended Learning Model of instruction for students.”

My co-worker and I were the two main people in charge of the implementation. My co-worker, Ryan Semans, helped write the grant and was the Moodle trainer. I worked with more of the “back-end” and technical tasks.

Over the next few weeks I will be breaking down our implementation experience into main parts. Of course, every district is different and is in a unique situation. We were fortunate enough to have funds provided by a grant. This is in no way the best and only way to implement Moodle but it worked well for us and I hope you are able to take something away from our experience!

Disclosure: These are my personal thoughts and opinions and they in no way represent those of Osseo Area Schools.

Next time on “How we implemented Moodle” – Idea to Reality (a blended learning model, equipment and sustainability)



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