Screenr user @Glynnmark has a short (2 minute) video that succinctly highlights the process and decisions you’ll need to make for exporting a category of questions using the GIFT format if you’d like to share it with the community/a colleague.  Check out the great video by visiting this link [] or by watching it below.

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If you have quiz questions to share, consider posting them at

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  1. please note that video provided here is for exporting question from question bank and NOT QUIZ QUESTIONS as mentioned in heading.

    such kind of error do waste a lot of time of people watching it if its irrelevant to what they want

  2. I guess I’m not sure I understand. It certainly highlights exporting questions (yes they are organized in a category) but that’s irrelevant (you could easily organize any questions to export right before following the directions as described in the video).

  3. The video highlights exporting groups of questions. If you are after a similar video on another moodle topic I’d be delighted to oblige (for free). Just contact me through [email protected]

  4. Sir Leo, it doesn’t appear that you can straight from the quiz (I assume you want to print Quizzes so a student can take them on paper?) but here are some suggestions that might help:

    The discussion is dated but there are some good resources for how you might print the pages of a quiz.

  5. Yes i saw this post and commented.

    I’d like something that can get the questions and the answers to be converted to PDF.

    What functions or possibilities have I?

    Best regards

  6. Exporting as GIFT then opening that file as a TXT and copy/paste into open office would allow you to save as PDF. Not pretty but it would show all questions, answers, correct answers and categories.

  7. But there is a problem, how i can export a quiz?
    The Moodle only allow export single questions or categories.

    In my case is a little bit diferent, i’d like to have access a content of question and answers..

    it is possible? Some function gives me a content of quiz?


  8. I guess I’m confused, do you want to export an entire question bank or only the questions that are included in a single quiz? Are you randomly generating that quiz?

    Do you need correct answers as well? The export function of the quiz activity should give you options for exporting. As long as your categories are organized you can export only the questions you want.

  9. Yes, i just want the questions that are included in a single quiz.

    The Moodle doesn’t allow export quiz.. or am i incorrect?
    In my question bank when i click to export something i only can export categories..

    Example ->

    I need all the question and its answers.. but i don’t need to know which answer is correct..

  10. In that case, why not just open the quiz and copy each page to a Word document. Convert to PDF and you’ve just created a PDF version of the examination (without correct answers marked). Not pretty but it would work.

  11. Yes, it is a possibility but i’m developing a professional plugin to a University and one of requirements is instantly export a quiz..

  12. Hello Joseph,

    I would like to know if there is any method of exporting the grades and infos about one student, so I could send to it’s company.

    It would be a report of his lessons and when was the last time he got in to the course, and that kind of stuff.

    Thank you!


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