Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin), a Texas based technology director recently started an online site and listserv for Moodlers titled “Moodle Mayhem“.  Though targeted to TX-based Moodlers, the site and list welcomes Moodle-aficionados from around the world.

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Miguel already maintains several really great resources for Moodlers at his site (http://mguhlin.org) that have been highlighted here before (http://www.moodlemonthly.com/2009/miguels-moodle-habitudes/).  This new site will focus on building  a community and allowing for resources to grow–based on the interests and efforts of those editing the wiki and contributing to the email list.

Additionally, the site will host and produce what seems to be a monthly podcast focused on Moodlers from around the world.  Already confirmed are Mary Cooch and Tomaz Lasic.

According to the the wiki:

Wondering why focus on a wiki solution when Moodle has it all? Well, Moodles are, by their design, closed environments. It is hoped that combining the ease of use of a wiki with Moodle resources sharing and an email list, we will all be able to build on this project.

Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas about Moodle use in K-16 educational settings, as well as business, here.

The site already includes helpful resources and a repository of courses, videos, articles and more (site map).

Looking forward to contributing and seeing it grow.


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