Here are just a few of the schools and organizations that have recently moved to, or plan to adopt Moodle for their courses offerings, activities or as a support website:

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  • Open High School of Utah [press release | case study]: Moodlerooms is hosting the OHS of Utah and their OER content and courses.  This recent announcement highlights the growing charter schools curriculum, of which the ninth grade courses have been opened to the world as OER for Moodle (download the OER courses for your own site, more information available here).  Check out their OCW Moodle
  • South Carolina Department of Education [press release | case study]: as part of their Virtual School Program, SCDOE adopted Moodle for the delivery of course materials to students in blended and hybrid courses.  Find our more about the SCDOE at
  • University of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada [article]: after over a decade of using Blackboard/WebCT, the University of Lethbridge in Canada is making the switch to Moodle 2.0.  One reason for the change is that so many of Lethbridge’s incoming freshman are coming from school districts and high schools where Moodle was already used.

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  1. Hi Joseph !

    Thanks for your blog 🙂
    I just wanted to let you know, as an instructional designer of the University of Montreal, that we are also, like Lethbridge, moving from WebCT 4.1 to Moodle 2.0. We started the project in september and we are opening Moodle to the entire University next months. We are planning on completing the migration by 2012.

    Have a nice day !


  2. Why do people post stuff about Moodlerooms as they are selling their Joule product and not Moodle. It may have moodle at the core but it is not open source and they have no plans to allow anyone to take it to a self-hosted model.


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