• Marilyn Magaram Center at California State University Northridge [article | site]: the MMC at CSUN added a Moodle to help raise awareness for the center,

Jackson said she created the Moodle site to raise awareness of the center.

“We do have a Marilyn Magaram (web)site that I use but we found that if we have a Facebook and a Moodle and more of a social networking site” people will be more likely to go to them, she said.

  • Harding High School [link]: to support it’s use of netbooks this high school has co-opted Moodle as a way to ensure heavy usage of the new hardware.

“We’re hoping to see increased student engagement and student achievement,” said Deborah Kozak, a technology integration specialist for the St. Paul Public Schools. “The really nice thing is they will have 24/7 access to computers.”

More than 200 10th-grade English students got the Netbooks to take home and learn their lessons. They’ll use an online learning space called Moodle…

  • Medford High School [link | Moodle]: While not new to Moodle, this high school is making the most of their install after a move to Moodle from Blackboard nearly 2 years ago.  The shift in LMS has provided the Massachusetts high school with significant savings by switching to Moodle, according to the article,

The district previously used the Blackboard online system, which was supported by an $18,000 annual grant that ended in 2008.

Nelson said Moodle, which is offered to the city given its membership in the Learning Curve Consortium, costs only $3,000 and gives Medford schools the ability to share courses developed by teachers from other districts in the consortium and provides free online training to all teachers.

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