Here are a list of sites/articles about schools using Moodle or moving to Moodle recently:

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  • Great Corby School, UK [article]: this early education school utilizes Moodle with very young students (and they love it).  Definitely worth the read and a watch of the video where students explain how Moodle contributes to their learning.  Check out their very cool Moodle at
  • Vassar Intramurals [student article]: Vassar Intramurals will be using Moodle to better keep students informed about their offerings and programs; a novel use of Moodle in a semi-educational setting.
  • VizZle University [article]: VizZle, an online university for teachers with Autistic students is now powered by Moodle.  The program offers on demand professional development for special education teachers and teachers of Autistic students through it’s Moodle installation.

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