Jon Fila, a faculty member of National American University (in MN, USA) and co-creator of a Moodle site sharing site recently posted a few free courses available for download from his site:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The courses available from his site cover mostly English related topics (Dune, the Hobbit, English Comp), however he also shares a very handy course template for teachers to create course resources (from a starting point).

Each course is available at:

The courses are a great starting point for any teacher looking to reuse/remix Moodle content on their own site.  Note that all of the courses are released with a non-commercial, share alike Creative Commons license.


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  1. Hi, thanks for posting this. I have noticed how many people are looking for courses to download and I would like to encourage everyone to share something. Even if it’s just one course it could make a big difference.

  2. Jon, excellent point. has a course exchange where open courses can be posted… the more content there is available the easier it will be for teachers to integrate Moodle.


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