Moodle 2.0 has not been released as a stable version yet, but ‘Moodlerific’ Mel Benson ( was kind (and savvy) enough to install the latest build so that Moodle Monthly could get hands on with the next gen LMS.  In the near future we’ll be posting as much as we can to give everyone a “sneak peak” at what’s coming in Moodle2.0.  This is the first installment.

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One of the best things so far about Moodle: the new text/html editor.  Prior to using Moodle2.o, users experience a wide array of issues using the HTMLArea text editor.  By far the worst was the fact that it often didn’t even display depending on the browser a user was using.  For example this is what the course settings page looks like in Chrome, Opera and Safari:

In Firefox and Internet Explorer (the only supported browsers for HTMLArea) the same page is rendered correctly, showing the text editor:

Moodle2.0 employs a new text editor however as default.  The text editor appears to be  a flavor of TinyMCE text editor ( which is a Javascript based editor.  It works on all major browsers (we have verified and tested) and is much better supported by the community than Moodle’s current html editor (HTMLArea).  Here’s a peak at what the new editor may look like:

Most, if not all of the old HTML editor functionality has been carried over with a few cool additions:

  • a “citation, abbreviation and acronym” button allowing for mouse over text
  • “select all” option
  • “add layers”
  • “add Moodle Media”
  • the ability to edit CSS styles (presumably for the entire webpage/description)
  • and handy “paste as plain text”/”paste from word” buttons to prevent pesky mis-formatting and unwanted markup.

All in all, the editor works very well and is a great improvement over the previous HTMLArea editor included in Moodle installations.

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  1. Looking good. It’ll be nice to have a bit more functionality. A tweaked TinyMCE for Moodle yay! Thanks for blogging & tweeting this 🙂

  2. There is any possibility of latex code like $expression… $ be replaced by filter tex?

    Instead of appear code there is a html tag ??



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