One of the most popular posts here lately has been a recap of the MootusTX10 keynote by Dr. Richard Clark down in Austin (August 2nd) [MootUSTX10 Dr Clark’s “Failure of Constructivism” Keynote Recap].  It was a very, very good keynote (interesting throughout with great anecdotes and quick wit).  The slides are now available (thanks to Moodlerooms, @moodlerooms).

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Truth be told, the correct title of the presentation (which was not listed in the printed schedule as such) is actually “Research and Best Practice for the Design and Delivery of Virtual Instruction”.  The presentation is available online at this link:

Perhaps one of the most controversial pieces covered in the recap were the 12 Principles (Students learn better when…) which is on page 6 of the document.  The 12 principles are:

  1. Coherence: Eliminate extraneous visuals and sound
  2. Signaling: Highlight essential information
  3. Redundancy: avoid text & narration
  4. Visual Contiguity: Text next to graphic it describes
  5. Time Contiguity: Simultaneous words and pictures
  6. Pacing: Learner pacing better than system pacing
  7. Pre-train: Advance learning of conceptual information
  8. Modality: Graphics + Narration not text + animation
  9. Multimedia: Narration+ Pictures – not narration alone
  10. Personalization: Conversational style – not formal
  11. Voice: Human voice better than machine voice
  12. Self Explanation: Ask learners to explain why

Unfortunately we have learned that it is not likely that a recording of the keynote will be released (due to poor audio quality).

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