Aaron Fulton of www.Webtolife.org recently submitted a new module/plug-in for Moodle that allows Facebook Connect to authenticate users.  There are three main features of the plug-in (but it certainly packs a lot of value for users):

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  1. users can use existing Facebook accounts to register to a Moodle site
  2. users can link existing accounts to their Facebook accounts through FB Connect
  3. a Facebook Live Stream Box can be integrated into a Moodle classroom.

Already documentation for the plug-in is available at Moodle.org: http://docs.moodle.org/20/en/Facebook_package and the soon to be approved plug-in will be available at http://moodle.org/mod/data/view.php?d=13&rid=3316 (as of 1/22/10 this link is not yet active)

Here’s a quick review of how smooth registration is; upon accessing the Moodle with FB Connect configured you’re provided with the option to use Facebook Connect to register/login.

After clicking Connect with Facebook you’re either shown your account (if you’re already logged in) or you’re provided a login popup.  If you do not have an existing account you’re prompted to fill out the necessary information on the next screen,

Once registered with Facebook Connect users receive a traditional confirmation email (depending on the user authentication method) and are confirmed to the Moodle.  There after a quick click of Facebook Connect allows authentication to the system.

Within Moodle the plug-in provides an easily accessible Live Stream Box as part of the course:

Any post made to Facebook from Moodle will automatically include a link back to the Moodle site, extending the social connections created within Moodle.

MoodleMonthy hopes that this module will be expanded in the future (if possible).  The plug-in certainly already extends the social-ness of Moodle and could really add to the connectedness of students to their homework and course work if dates, assignments and news items could be automatically published or logged within their facebook accounts.

Note: as tested Facebook Connect did not work using Chrome Beta, but worked perfectly when attempted with Firefox 3.5.7.

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  1. hi i want to authenticate fb package in moodle can u tell me the steps involved for that

    sudharshan balaji


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