Everything I Learned About Moodle, I Learned From Google Alerts


Ok, well not really, but it sounds cool. Like everyone else, I use Twitter, Facebook and moodle.org to research my new obsession, Moodle. But, my secret weapon is Google alerts. I use the keyword “Moodle” and I just watch my email fill with tons of information. Sort of like watching someone fill up an extra large cup of soft serve ice cream, just for me.

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Google alerts offers 6 types of searches: News, Web, Blog, Groups, Video and a comprehensive search. Rumor is that Google alerts also offers RSS feed, but I do not subscribe, so I cannot comment on the feed. I control what I receive from Google alerts and how frequent. My preference is the whole thing. Again, like the extra large soft serve ice cream but without the calories. As a Moodle rookie, I can’t get enough.

By using Google alerts, I become one of the first (they wouldn’t lie to me. Would they?) to hear about iphone apps with Moodle, tidbits on using Moodle with a Kindle and of course which famous actor wants the starring role in “Moodle The Movie” . All of this in one tidy email, delivered straight to me, no postage.

Using Google alerts is like having an assistant constantly searching “Moodle” in Google search, for me. The only thing I miss is not seeing the super cool Google logos. Hmm.. I wonder if Google will create a Moodle/Google logo one day, maybe it will involve soft serve ice cream too.

Check out Google alerts. Let me know what you think. You can find me on Twitter.


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