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If you have not done so already, you should edit your profile page so that we can learn more about you:


This is the one email that all students enrolling on a Moodle site will get automatically through the automated Moodle message system.  This email welcomes students to a specific course and prompts them to edit their profile.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

HowtoMoodle.com, on their blog shows how you can edit this email to incorporate additional resources, tutorials or other web pages that are relevant to accessing and using a Moodle site.

In the example, HowtoMoodle shows where you can locate the email text (it’s in the language files accessible through a Moodle Administration account) and what text you might want to include.  The tutorial is very succinct and straightforward and highlights three simple steps.  In the example additional text prompting users to click a link to see what technological requirements have been posted for the Moodle site.

It’s a great tutorial and will be sure to help any Moodle administrator call attention to any site guides, help files or contact information that otherwise might be helpful to users accessing courses for the first time (or any time, really).  These may be externally hosted links, additional open courses or web pages created on your Moodle’s front page.

Please use this direct link to the blog post and consider subscribing to their many helpful tips and tricks: http://blog.howtomoodle.com/help-learners-find-support-resources-on-your

HowtoMoodle.com is an official Moodle Partner: http://howtomoodle.com/

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