Yesterday we saw a couple tweets about easyVoter, a project sponsored and produced by staff at Solihull College in the UK.   The project stemmed from the college’s desire for a rapid response system and the inability for commercial projects/products to fit their needs.  EasyVoter is the product of their ensuing research and development.

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A video demonstration (available here for download) shows two presenters working with the EasyVoter system integrated in a computer lab.  Through Moodle the facilitator is able to initiate EasyVoter and the student, at a participating desktop, joins the running program.  The facilitator controls the progress of the questions/voting while the student’s computer “follows” the progress and the student is engaged periodically through multiple choice, text input or true and false questions.

It’s quite slick (do watch the video).  According to project website (,

The system is designed to be led by an instructor who controls the pace of the delivery, entirely as a voting system would be used in a training environment. This slightly goes against the ethos of a VLE where information is delivered more in a “whenever, wherever” basis, but delivering the system via Moodle offers certain benefits. These include, no student lists or registration of voters is required, Moodle skills are completely transferable to easyVoter, there is no financial outlay on handset voting technology, because as long as there is adequate computer access, the users keyboard becomes the input device.

Basically, if we understand correctly from the documentation, a course facilitator could set up rapid response environment/scenario in a computer lab, making all of the available computers the rapid response input devices (so no additional outlay for hardware is required.

The download of easyVoter is available here; for more information utilize this PDF or visit:

Could this, in the future, utilize mobile handsets in the same way?


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