Yulia Ivanova submitted this tip to MN and I have to say that the website tool is pretty slick.  Moodle supports several easy to use quiz creation formats already (GIFT and Aiken are among my personal favorites), but the MoodleXML format is another option.  Through Yulia’s website you can easily create quizzes in plain, easy to read text and then have them automatically formatted so that they can be imported into Moodle.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

It’s faster than hand coding a GIFT format, and a lot faster than creating the questions one by one using the current quiz question creation utility.  But perhaps the greatest value is immediately formatted files and a quick “error” log to let you know if you’ve formatted a question, feedback or answer incorrectly.

The site has been recently updated and there’s also a utility for creating Glossary entries in XML format for importing.  So if you’re not a coder, don’t want to learn XML and have no need for GIFT then http://moodle.heroku.com/ might be a decent option.

Here’s a quick presentation to give you the low down, but after visit http://moodle.heroku.com/ to give it a try:

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