1. This info doesn’t appear to be accurate anymore? Can you do an update on how to do this in 2.8.1? Because I don’t see anything called “authentication” anywhere in my Moodle!

  2. Hi,

    Am struggling to get an authentication (external website w/SSO) solution done for Moodle. Am not sure if I can ask this here, but I still elaborate. If it is possible for you to help, request you to kindly do so.

    My requirement is as follows. I have already created a web page, via which I register as also login. The same have been implemented using PDO.

    The login takes me to a page, where I have four links. Let’s say they’re named as basic, intermediate, advanced & specialized. Depending on your knowledge levels, you click on one of them.

    From here, I want them to be taken to Moodle, but want to skip it’s authentication page. How can I achieve the same?

  3. The simplest action for log in always a helpful action. The simplest system results for the much beneficial action. Login requires simple action which resolves complications for the system working.

  4. Lisa, the left/right vs top/bottom format is probably part of the theme. As for the general format, you can use some simple html to try to fix the formatting for each of your steps, an ordered list Fill …. might help

  5. I finally worked out that the real problem, wasn’t that it was top/bottom but that the formatting of the text within the box was mad. I had foolishly copied from word. So I deleted and ran it through notepad to remove the formatting. Ta-Da. works now.

    It’s still top / bottom. but that’s fine. it now has more than one word per line! which was bonkers before



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