Packt Publishing, one of the leading providers of Moodle books is seeking authors for several upcoming titles.  Already Packt has published over a dozen books since it’s original book authored by William Rice.  From their site,

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Moodle is one of our favourite and and most popular topics. Three years after we published our first Moodle book by William Rice, we have published more than 12 Moodle books till date and are always keen to add more to our ever-expanding catalogue of Moodle books. Would you be our next Moodle author?

Here’s the Packt page dedicated to finding new authors:

A few books (including Moodle History) are on the immediate horizon, think you could help them add to their Moodle library?

Here are a few books I’d think would be cool:

  • Moodle and Open Content
  • Moodle Use in Developing Countries
  • A Moodle Story (more the process and people than the details of installation and creation)
  • Student-Led Moodle

Just a few ideas.  What Moodle topic would you want to read about?

Additional information:

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