@mariamoodle shared a great presentation on the web recently that was authored by Paula Clough out in Tempe, Arizona.  The presentation (at 51 slides) covers creative uses of many Moodle modules including,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Choice and use of images in the Choice module
  • Quizzes (and how to use them as checklists
  • Lessons and how to integrate audio and video
  • Glossaries and databases (and their similarities and differences), not to mention the cool glossary creator from http://k12opened.com and the pronunciation glossary from SchoolNet.
  • Communication techniques using the Moodle blog
  • Collaborative activities
  • Example assignments
  • and a lot more.

The presentation highlights tips and tricks from Moodlers like Mary Cooch, Maryel Mendiola, Kristian Still and Art Lader (with sources cited).

Click here for the presentation:

It’s full to the brim of good ideas for your classroom (whether your just beginning or are and advanced Moodler).


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  1. Ryan, thanks for the link, we’ll definitely check out your resources at mintranet.wordpress.com. Stop by anytime!


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