Boone Grove High School in Valparaiso, Indiana held it’s 1st ever “online day” where school was closed and students stayed at home to engage their course materials solely through the school’s Moodle.

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According to the article,

Students stayed home and worked on assignments that teachers put up on moodle (a site that is free and lets students enroll in the certain classes that they need to do their work in) for them.

Students were given the leisure of waking up any time they like and doing their work in their own time frame… There were also teachers that posted assignments that were to be done within a certain time frame.

Could this be the start of a national or international trend?  It’s interesting to note that this maybe one of the most effective ways to promote the use of Moodle in the classroom (by forcing the use through a scheduled and promoted online day).  Additionally, this may provide the framework to successfully thwart the lost classroom time and progress ushered in by natural or unforeseeable school closures due to events such as snow days.

What’s for certain is that this type of innovative thinking is better preparing our student, and teachers, for the demands of tomorrow.


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