The Cool Course Competition recently ended (1/19) and 50 courses were submitted to be judged in five categories:

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  1. Best Application of Moodle Activities
  2. Best use of Media
  3. Primary
  4. Secondary
  5. Tertiary

The courses are currently open to be judged by the public (you need only a account to participate).  Each category has a quick and easy Choice activity set up to record votes.  All course are open to review and check out, though no user data has been included except for Glossary and Database entries.

There are particularly good courses which would make for excellent examples to show teachers the possibilities of Moodle course construction.  There are even two courses (one in English, the other en Espagñol) by @MariaMoodle on using multimedia effectively in the classroom.  If you’re interested in making your Moodle ‘pop’ with flash and embedded media, it’s one of the best resources around.

Note that all courses are licensed with a Creative Commons License.

Here are the MoodleMonthly picks for Best of…

  1. Best Application of Moodle Activities – Higher Education Film Studies Module: great pictures and contextual arrangement.  Uses Choice, Lessons, Forums and Chats to engage students.
  2. Best use of Media – Grade 12 Physics: comprehensive and a great use of OER and video embedded into quizzes.
  3. Primary – Mystery Moodle Fun: great, fun and age appropriate aesthetics.
  4. Secondary – Honors Chemistry Spring Semester: comprehensive and methodically organized.  This course has great visual cues for what is due and when.
  5. Tertiary – eLearning and Moodle Essentials (LITE): well organized with contextual descriptions of information, anyone new to Moodle would benefit from this course–not just because of the content, but how the content is arranged.

MoodleMonthly wishes all of the competitors the best of luck!

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