Jason Hando has a wicked post over at the new MoodleUserGroups.org site.  The post is titled “How to Graduate Moodle from the Classroom with first-class honours” and covers the various ways that an organization, school or just a teacher can take their Moodle to the next level.  Trust me, Jason’s idea of “next level” is far beyond what’s been thrown around as “cutting edge” in the past.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Complete with an easy to follow discourse and some awesome screen shots, the post discusses,

  • Unleashing a Mobile version of your Moodle (I like)
  • Adding some slick new modules and plug-ins (including the Leaderboards and Grade me! block [hopefully soon available in the main module database])
  • Theming Moodle differently
  • Adding a better video filter
  • Using a more vibrant color scheme for site themes and within courses

For example, what if your Moodle looked like this?

It’s a great post and it’s obvious that Jason is thinking “outside the box” when he thinks about Moodle.

Check out MoodleUserGroups.org for more information about Moodle and how you can connect locally to other Moodlers.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting what we are thinking and writing about over at the MUG website, Joseph. It’s great to be recognized and to be part of the wider Moodle community.


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