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When: 9am-4pm, Saturday, June 19th 2010

Where: Sydney Distance Education High School (SDEHS), Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo NSW

What: MoodleCamps are,

Modelled on the popular BarCamps held around the world, MoodleCamp is a participatory event that breaks the rules of most traditional conferences. To start with, there are no scheduled speakers for MoodleCamp. That is because attendees are expected to be active participants in sharing their knowledge by placing their own topics on a board during the day and claiming a timeslot in one of our rooms. Then, attendees vote with their feet and attend the sessions relevant to them. Sessions are usually very collaborative and questions aren’t just encouraged, they are expected. As such, BarCamps have been labelled as “unconferences”. Once you attend you’ll understand why.

This one will be held 9am-4pm, Saturday, June 19th 2010.  The event is free to attend but you should register in advance (limited to 90 attendees) by visiting

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