Paul Vaughn left a comment on our recent post, Embedding #Twitter into Moodle and the Twitter Post Block, letting Moodle Monthly know about the Twitter Search block which was recently contributed to the Modules and plug-ins repository on by his colleague, Kevin Hughes.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The block appears to be a simple way to add the posts of a specific Twitter user, or even a specific Twitter hashtag term as a search parameter.  It’s a great way to incorporate dynamic content and information pertinent to your course through the use of hashtags.  For example terms like #biology, #globalwarming, #moodle, and #google all provide an ongoing source of current events, comments and other information.  Teachers and students could even make their own hashtag in order to follow events or conferences on Moodle (#imoot2010 is one such example).

This is a screen shot of the block as showcased on

For more information or to download visit:

A special thanks to Paul Vaughn for stopping by and letting us know about the new block.

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  1. Just seen this; thanks for covering my little block 🙂

    People reading this may like to know that the new version of the block is AJAXified, and updates itself periodically whilst it sits on your screen.


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