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As we prepare to announce our Blackboard Collaborate product strategy at EDUCAUSE 2010, it seems like the perfect time to reiterate our commitment to provide open, education-focused collaboration. While some may think that we may waiver on our commitment, I’m here to tell you that we won’t. A key part of our mission remains enabling you to educate in real time, or anytime, regardless of the LMS or CMS you use.

Our goal is to support teaching and learning wherever and whenever it happens, regardless of which learning management systems are being used. As a result, as part of Blackboard Collaborate, Wimba and Elluminate continue to invest heavily in our seamless LMS integration products.

It’s really all about choice, flexibility, and interoperability. And about enabling you to meet the needs of today’s learners and leverage the investment in your academic infrastructure. That’s why Wimba and Elluminate integrations include ANGEL, Desire2Learn, Fronter, Jenzabar, Moodle, Pearson, and Sakai as well as Blackboard. (emphasis added)

While no major advancements/changes have been announced since the acquisition (though as quoted above a strategy announcement is forthcoming at EDUCAUSE this week), Blackboard is showing good intentions by continuing support for the wide array of LMSs which were originally integrated with it’s two new flagship collaboration tools.

What’s more, Netspot, an official Moodle partner in Australia is working to enhance the Wimba integration into Moodle LMS.  Whether they are compensated or not for the integration, Wimba is a paid service and integration services based on it’s various products are sold by Netspot to clients [].

Perhaps most interesting is that by vending such services Netspot is growing it’s own business while contributing directly to both Blackboard (via Wimba) and Moodle (through the partnership revenue sharing arrangement).

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