It’s back to school week! We have all the tips and tricks for getting a jump start with Moodle this school term and will be sharing a few of our favorites all this week.

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Below you’ll find a video embedded from the Moodle Moot Australia site (uploaded to Youtube to provide a better streaming experience).  At the Moot site there are 2 more videos, but this is my favorite.  It’s a collection of candid testimonials on why and how Moodle is so special.

If you’re a current Moodle user jumping back into your course site for the year, share your knowledge and expertise (and experiences) with a colleague.  Moodle use at a school often begins with just 1 or 2 teachers taking the plunge (but as we’ve seen often results with a full school or even district level adoption!).  Can you be the first flake in the snowball effect?

Share why you think Moodle is so special (let us know in the comments)

Watch all three videos at (Thanks to the MootAU organizers for making those videos available on their site, truly great “commercials” for Moodle).

Go on, make someone’s day a little more Moodle-filled.

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