Happy Friday: Another Free Moodle Hosting site – FreeWebClass


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FreeWebClass is a super simple signup/registration and installment of Moodle which you can get up and running in about 2 minutes.  Registration requires only a valid email.

Once created as a subdomain of your choice you have full administrative control of a 1.9.9 install of Moodle.  Maximum upload is a hefty 200MB and there seem to be no constraints on the system (at this time).

For more free hosting options check out our updated hosting page: http://lmspulse.com/hosting/

Some additional pros/cons:

  • Domain Lookup shows that the registrant is somehow connected to Ninehub.com (another free Moodle hosting service) as the Ninehub name servers are used.  The registrant however is officially “Smart Domain” in Glen Waverly, VIC, Australia.
  • No 3rd party plugins and apparently no FTP access provided/available (however the 200MB upload might negate the need to upload large files if you can cope with the standard theme set).
  • No contact information or other ways to engage the proprietors of the site.
  • No information provided on backup policies (so save your work and Moodle courses as backups on your local drive often).

Otherwise, I’ve been mucking around at http://joe.freewebclass.com and it’s snappy and works pretty well.  If you’re just looking to check Moodle out or have a spare site for some testing/interaction: this might be a viable solution for you.