#Angel to Moodle course converter (ConversionThingy 2) released #lms #Blackboard


This resource was recently submitted to Moodlenews and is worthy of a share.  Please note that we have not tested this (but if someone does have access to Angel and wants to let us know the process, perhaps with a video, it would be welcome).

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Angel Learning Management System was acquired by Blackboard in May 2009 for approximately 95 million USD.

ConversionThingy 2 is a program that reads ANGEL 7.3 and 7.4 course archives and converts their course content into native objects in Moodle 1.98 backup files. The conversion brings in as much as it can reasonably translate from the one LMS to the other: most of the items ordinarily located under the ANGEL Lessons tab get shifted, including folders, pages, url links, files, discussion forums, dropboxes, assessments, and WIKIs. Also included in the conversion are gradebook categories and assignments (along with their content linkages and weights), grade scales (mapping number/letter grades), chat rooms, team ids (and descriptions), and question banks…

Converted materials turn up…as native Moodle objects that can be further manipulated, configured, and edited as though they had been created in Moodle.

According to Dr. Peter Friesen who submitted the resource,

After countless cups of coffee and many many late nights, I’m pleased to let you know that “ConversionThingy 2” – a tool for migrating ANGEL 7.3 and 7.4 files to Moodle – is now available. Documentation, license info, and the program itself are all to be found at http://www.conversionthingy.net.

(The link is no longer functioning.)

In the world of course conversion this seems to be a great step in providing easy transition from one LMS to another.  If you’re a current Angel user looking to migrate, give it a test and let us know how it fares.